General settings

A guide to the general settings of Zest
In ZEST theme, you can find some general settings that are available in all building block sections:

1. General

In the General section, Zest offers the following settings:
  • 3 options for container
    • Stretched width: span the section width regardless of screen size.
    • Fixed width: depends on your page content width in Theme settings > Layout.
    • Full-width: takes up the entire space on the page and it usually resizes itself to fit the size of the screen.
  • 4 options for the color scheme: depends on the color you set in Theme settings > Colors.
    • Accent color
    • Background 1
    • Background 2
    • Inverse
General settings

2. Header Settings

You can change the heading, heading size, and description of the section.
Section header settings

3. Padding

Toggle the slider to adjust the top and bottom padding.
Section padding
Make sure your paddings look good on all screen sizes

4. Custom attributes

You can create custom code for a specific section by adding custom ID or class attributes:
Section custom attributes